Heavy Cover

Here is a look at Homesteady’s latest effort, Heavy Cover, up now at the Woonsocket Train Depot. Come for a look through the end of the month or join us all the 30th for its closing reception, where most of the show’s substance will be revealed (can you see it!).






Rietveld/Schroder House, Utrecht

We also went to Utrecht yesterday, and visited the Rietveld house built for the widow Schroder. There were some shanagens afoot when this all was conceived; a studio for the architect at the house of the client? Hmm. It was a bit like being in a Mondrian painting. We were not allowed to photograph the interior, but the entire upstairs was convertible from one room to six. Jury is still out on whether or not one could actually live in it though. IMG_1904

Christo at Gasometer

“Big Air Package”

We visited the Gasometer in Oberhausen Germany, where Christo has erected an enormous package. Yep. Some huge volume of air supports quilted fabric constrained by rope ties. We walked inside and out, and underneath where a camera from the very top films visitors inside and projects the image at the very base. The building itself was pretty spectacular too, and unlike anything that we would ever allow back home. Girders and catwalks abound, and provide contrast and access to the light package. Here come the pictures.IMG_1902IMG_1883IMG_1900IMG_1893IMG_1890IMG_1892IMG_1876IMG_1877

Turrell in Den Haag

Andrea, Quynh, Iede and I went to visit a Turrell piece in the dunes by the Den Haag shoreline. It was subtle but effective, or so I am told. I couldn’t keep my eyes open in the daylight! By the way Quynh, I think its down there somewhere, keep looking.